Laptop Repair Services

Experience speedy and dependable laptop repairs by our expert technicians, bringing your device back to its pristine condition. Plus, delve into our diverse range of premium products and accessories, designed to elevate your digital experience to new heights.

What Do we fix

Laptop Repair Solutions

Water damage repair Specialized laptop water damage repair to restore functionality and prevent further issues.
Keyboard Replacement Swift and reliable keyboard replacement services for effortless typing and smooth functionality.
Battery replacement Efficient laptop battery replacement services to revive your device's power and mobility.
Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade Seamless hard drive replacement and upgrade solutions for enhanced storage and performance.

Graphics Card Repair/Replacement

Professional graphics card repair and replacement services for enhanced visual performance and seamless gaming experience.

Screen Replacement

High-quality laptop screen replacement services to restore crystal-clear visuals and uninterrupted productivity.

Overheating Issues Effective solutions to resolve overheating issues, ensuring optimal performance and system longevity.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Windows or Mac OS Software errors or your system is just running slow. We can format and re-install the OS and make it run like new.

Software Repairs And Re-Install

Windows or Mac OS Software errors or your system is just running slow. We can format and re-install the OS and make it run like new.

Graphics Card Repair/Replacement

Graphics card troubles? Gadgets and Gold can help! Our expert technicians specialize in fast, reliable repair and replacement for all devices. Get back to peak performance today! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Screen Replacement

Cracked laptop screen? No worries! Gadgets and Gold has your back. Our skilled technicians offer professional screen repair and replacement for various devices. Get your screen fixed now!

Overheating Issues

Overheating Issues? We’ve got the solution! At Gadgets and Gold, we specialize in tackling overheating problems for all devices. Our expert technicians will diagnose the root cause and provide efficient cooling solutions to keep your device running smoothly. Don’t let heat slow you down – visit us today for top-notch service!

Keyboard Replacement

Need a new keyboard? Gadgets and Gold is here to help! Our skilled technicians specialize in keyboard replacement for various devices. Say goodbye to sticky keys or unresponsive buttons. Get your keyboard replaced and typing smoothly again. Visit us now!

Water damage repair

Water damage nightmare? Gadgets and Gold to the rescue! Our skilled technicians are experts in swift and reliable water damage repair for all devices. Bring your device in now for expert restoration and peace of mind. Don’t wait!

Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade

Need a hard drive replacement or upgrade? Gadgets and Gold has you covered! Our expert technicians specialize in swift and reliable hard drive replacement and upgrades. Bring your device in today and experience the difference!

Battery replacement

Laptop battery replacement needed? No worries! Gadgets and Gold is here for you. Our expert technicians specialize in swift and reliable laptop battery replacement. Get your laptop running like new again. Bring it in today!

Fan Cleaning/Replacement

Fan cleaning or replacement required? We’ve got you covered at Gadgets and Gold! Our expert technicians specialize in swift and efficient fan cleaning and replacement for all devices. Keep your device running cool and smooth. Visit us now for top-notch service!

Software Repair and Re-Install

Facing software issues? We’ve got you covered! Our skilled technicians specialize in swift and reliable software repair and re-installation for all devices. Say goodbye to glitches and hello to optimal performance. Visit us today for expert service!

Virus and Spyware Removal

Dealing with viruses and spyware on your laptop? Worry not! We’ve got the solution at Gadgets and Gold. Our expert technicians specialize in swift and reliable virus and spyware removal for laptops. Say goodbye to security threats and hello to a clean and secure device. Bring your laptop in today for expert service!

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Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of your device, and we strive to get it back to you in no time. Providing best service.

cell phone repair warranty in Canada

Repair Warranty

We stand by our services with a solid warranty, giving you complete peace of mind for the repair services.

genuine parts for mobile phone in Canada

Genuine Parts

We use only premium-quality replacement parts to ensure your device looks and functions as good as new.

What Do we sell

Laptop and Accessories

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laptop repairing in Canada by Gadgets & Gold

Frequently ask questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services, warranty, turnaround time, and more. If you have any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team for assistance.

Yes, at Gadgets and Gold, we charge a diagnosis fee for laptop repairs. The amount may vary depending on the specific issue and complexity of the problem. Our diagnostic fee covers the thorough assessment of your laptop, identifying the underlying issues, and providing you with a detailed report of the necessary repairs.

Yes, we specialize in providing laptop repair services for all brands. Whether you own a Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Apple MacBook, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, or any other brand of laptop, our skilled technicians are fully equipped to handle it.

Repair time varies based on the issue’s complexity and parts availability. Simple repairs may take a few hours to a day, while more complex ones might require a few days. We prioritize efficient service without compromising quality.

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Customer review

Very responsive and knowledgeable! Called in about a battery replacement for my Macbook and Mohammed was able to answer any questions about my device. Replaced the battery in 1 day. I also called in about my drone and SD card a couple days later and his son was very willing to take a look at the problem and help me out. Overall, they care about clients and their needs; will do business with them in future.
Rickie Ho